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Workers Compensation

Dr. Leslie Kim is actively involved in treating injured workers. Dr. Kim and staff work closely with the patient, their other medical providers, nurse case manager and/or insurance adjustor to facilitate care.

Dr. Kim is listed on numerous workers' compensation Medical Provider Networks (MPNs). Our office receives referrals from several sources: industrial clinics, local hospital emergency rooms, applicant attorneys, as well as directly from insurance carriers. Once an injured worker has been referred to our office, approval from the industrial carrier is required prior treatment. Our office staff is ready to help the patient facilitate this process.

Dr. Kim is a Qualified Medical Evaluator with the State of California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Workers’ Compensation. He performs both Qualified and Agreed Medical Evaluations and is known for his fair and reasoned reporting. He is conversant with the Labor Code and all current regulations which are used in making final reporting determinations.